09/18/08 New York Red Bull vs. Columbus Crew

MLS Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “09/18/08 New York Red Bull vs. Columbus Crew”

  1. Kevin Schroeder says:

    Great game. Great finish on all three of the Crew’s goals. And Angel’s goal
    was sweet to. But the Crew proved why they are the team to beat in the
    league. GO CREW!!!

  2. angelo1405 says:

    Amazing gols. great game

  3. rockdraggo says:

    You want them to play in the cup america ??, whit teams like BOCA JUNIORS ,
    RIVER PLATE , SAO PABLO .. as their team play?

  4. Regan Price says:

    crew rocks welll in america that is

  5. SerendipitySquid says:

    I’ve gotta admit, though i think U.S teams play fairly badly in my opinion,
    Columbus really showed a lot of talent plus brilliant equalizer I was
    speechless during the replays!

  6. John Neal says:

    frankie’s was great because it looked like a cross into the box instead of
    an actual shot!!

  7. Javi E says:

    hejduk, angel, and rogers scored some badass goals

  8. pwnagemusic says:

    I’ll agree and disagree. It’s better, yeah. But I agree with what Ruud
    Gullit said. “MLS is on par with the Dutch League”. As good as the
    Premiership or the Serie A? Nah.

  9. Ian Linck says:

    Amazing goals.

  10. Michael Hanlon says:

    great game. go crew! -galaxy fan.

  11. terrordactyI says:

    hejduk needs to cut his freaking hair. seriously man, it sucks

  12. steviepanties says:

    fuckin’ frankie hejduk

  13. John Neal says:

    yea…that was a good goal by Angel

  14. Cristian Pinon says:

    Great Game Crew’s goals were fantastic

  15. haloMaiiFranchise says:

    thats how u finish…other mls teams should learn from the crew.. check out
    my vids!!

  16. Young Noble says:

    GO CREW!!

  17. Isaac Mundia says:

    What a wonderful winner from Rogers. He’s got so much talent, he just needs
    to go some place that will help him harness it. 2008 was a good year
    because he just unleashed his talent. but 2009 was when he was building
    parts onto his game, which is good. I expected 2010 to be a year where he
    would take both years, put em together and become one of the best young
    players we have, but his head wasn’t in it. He’s got to learn to take
    advantage of his incredible talent.

  18. darkstar10990 says:

    What the hell was Goldwaithe thinking? I think that deserves a look into
    suspension but wow, holy crap!

  19. augusto gomez says:

    south american soccer is the best

  20. doctornoise says:

    absolutely agreed. What a great couple teams. Don’t know what was up with
    that foul at the end there. Talk about unnecessary. Ah well. At least he
    didn’t hurt him more than just the lil’ bit. (also a galaxy fan, haha)

  21. beakeep says:

    i totally agree, their is no comparison between us and european football. I
    say the us is getting better, but they still have a long way to go to
    compare to european league

  22. kevster422 says:

    river plate sucks

  23. Andrew Bishop says:

    Hayduk = goal of the year.

  24. nickopoulias says:

    Crew is going to win MLS Cup

  25. rockdraggo says:

    yes ass …. i know!! it was an example