2007 Sierra Mist MLS All Star Game vs. Celtic FC : 07/19/07

MLS Online video Rating: four / five

24 thoughts on “2007 Sierra Mist MLS All Star Game vs. Celtic FC : 07/19/07

  1. I’d like to see MLS teams come to England/Italy/Spain/Germany and play top European teams on their own turf, and bring your fans over with them
    I’m not disrespecting the MLS because I enjoy watching it and have adopted the New England revolution as my MLS team. But to get a true measure how far football has come in the US you need to play us over here and experience what we experience week in week out.

  2. Celtic play in a shit none competitive league. The MLS is without doubt better than the Scottish premier league. The MLS all stars should have put five past these Scottish no hopers.

  3. Celtic is a great team, no doubt in the world. But with the MLS on the rise, I don’t doubt that in the future, a team will be able to beat them. LA Galaxy looks pretty sharp right now, I know they could do some damage on a few EPL teams.

  4. Why wouldn’t Celtic try to win? Sure they might experiment as it is a friendly, but any player worth his salt tries to win everytime. If I was a decent European team, the thought of losing to a team made up of “all stars” of vetrens and college draft picks would horrify me.

  5. no. celtic would not beat the mls all stars. celtic doesn’t compete on an international level anymore anyways, and the mls is better than it’s given credit for. besides, the commentator was talking about celtic making substitutions they thought would help them win the game.

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