25 thoughts on “2009 Major League Soccer Highlights

  1. The only thing the MLS needs are hardcore fans…
    If even the Eredivisie (our Dutch competition) can send 2 teams to the Champions League, the i think the MLS should send at least 3.

  2. @lre54graz I don’t think it’ll take that long. All it’ll take is raising the salary cap up to a decent level. And I think that will happen in the contract after the next one, so about 7-8 years.

  3. Considering the MLS has been around since 1996, I’d say they’re made a world of progression to being a super-power in the game of the world.

  4. @lre54graz Stop hating on the MLS. I agree, it’ll take time. But when people make fun of the MLS they’re making fun of the same players they rooted for back in Europe. MLS is not nor is it ever gonna be Euro-League. It doesnt want to be either…

  5. I’m from south America but as a football fan i really wish you guys keep on the good work developing the sport in your country. You’ve improved a lot…congrats and good luck at the world cup!

  6. @lre54graz …I agree…Football leagues in Europe is more than a century old in Europe…MLS has to stay…USA cant let go ‘The Beautiful Game’

  7. yes…there is the CONCACAF champions league in which basically american, central american and caribbean clubs get their asses kicked by mexican clubs

  8. I think it would be good if football/soccer becomes popular in America and if Henry and Raul go there it would be even bigger but the MLS will always play second fiddle to Europe and it will be a long time before the worlds biggest players like C. Ronaldo, Gerrard or Messi go to America before they are like 33 years old. And the commentators need to stop using terms from other sports like calling the crossbar the touchbar (WTF???). But some of those players are pretty good!!!

  9. yeah the football lines r icky and distracting lol ljungberg was complaining about how much he hated them b4 they played housten then wen they got there housten tried to get the lines up and smeared them everywhere lol it was a mess

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