8.16.11 CCL Highlights LA Galaxy vs. Motagua

MLS Video Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “8.16.11 CCL Highlights LA Galaxy vs. Motagua

  1. Yeah, Pavon is good. I think he’s retiring. Honduras may be right there with Costa Rica again for WC qualifying next time around. They’re rising.

  2. Yeah I did. Donovan was amazing! This is a totally new Donovan that I have been seeing lately cant wait to see him play more for not just for La but for the Us as well. This is why he is my favorite player

  3. @rezwannow, did you get to see the game? Donovan was making world class passes. Just in the second half, he set up a couple of teamates on 1 v 1 vs goalie. Fortunately for Motagua, those guys had bad first touch or poor finishing. I can’t wait ’til Keane starts playing! 😀

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