MLS Video Ranking: 4 / five

24 thoughts on “CHAD OCHOCINCO PLAYING SOCCER, tries out for MLS Sporting KC!!!

  1. The players I would love to see try soccer would be, John Wall, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Chris Johnson.. just to name a few. Just imagine if John Wall grew up playing soccer he’d be a fkin beast.

  2. WE?? who the fuck are yooouuu???? read the discussion i was having you dumb fuck. i was DEFENDING the NFL but ofcousre you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between defending and attacking. Moron.

  3. listen bitch we play harder and we have a shorter season also because we r strong enough but we cant take the heat of playing in all seasons so when it rains or snows your litle ass can sit inside and watch football or read you playgirl

  4. wow he used to be my idol hes the whole reason i was a receiver  but now hes a field fairy faggot i hate you chad nice job leaving the Bengals high and dry i always liked TO better hope you never come back CHAD FAGO DINKO!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ochocinco isn’t that good at FOOTBALL but i’ve seen worse still though stick to AFC you will make more money and you are good at it

  6. Oh man, no way he could even play in San Marino or Liechtenstein national teams. Sad for such a great athlete though, keep playing football budyy!

  7. @gringofreestyler and @kemoblue4u you two have a compelling argument. this is what you both fail to realize. majority of these professional athletes have been working on there craft for over a decade. to all of a sudden change that and try a new sport, and be great at it, is rare. take Michael Jordan and baseball. you can’t expect Chad Ochocinco to live up to your most exceptional bench warmer, let alone professional soccer player!

  8. oh i couldnt agree more with that. I never felt that NFL athletes were the best. I’m sure you’d agree that there is no definition of a “better athlete” when comparing two different sports. MLS players are better in pace as they are built for endurance. If by faster you mean in sprints and bursts of speed then I’d have to disagree. Im sure Geoffrey Mutai(record marathon runnner) could easily out pace Usain Bolt but if it were a sprint he’d get burned.

  9. I said just as fast or faster, so you are misquoting me. I will stand by that the fastest MLS players are very close if not the same or better in pace than any NFL player. On average, the MLS will win in pace against NFL players as well. This whole hype about the NFL having by far the world’s best athletes is only hype. The world’s best athletes are mixed throughout all sports. NFL just concentrates on physical attributes more than soccer does.

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