David Beckham magical long distance winning goal LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers

MLS Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “David Beckham magical long distance winning goal LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers

  1. It’s a good strike BUT the first touch is far too heavy and you can see when he’s running that he is really quite slow now. This goal would never have happened in a better league or an international game. A great player and a nice bloke but he shouldn’t be anywhere near Team GB for 2012

  2. yes it was a good strike but the reason we dont see that kind of thing in europe is because people defend so much tighter.
    beckham has undoubted quality but defending like that makes it seem much easier

  3. Come on guys…there is nothing wrong with the commentator! He was tongue tied-lost for words! That can happen to anybody! Gunner for Life !

  4. this was the local announcer for the Portland team, they are a little biased since this was only shown in the Portland area, the Galaxy announcer was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

  5. WTF commentators? Where is the excitement??? If it were me, I would be like:


    English and American commentators suck.. Nothing better than a goal with a:


  6. This took place during stoppoage time. Portland were down 2-1, most of their team was saturated on the left flank trying to recover the ball. Donovan spotted Beckham alone on the center of the pitch. Beckham recieved the ball with tons of space, perhaps the defenders could have done a better job of closing him down. Had it been any other player, that wouldn’t have mattered too much, but it was Beckham.

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