23 thoughts on “Donovan Goal leads LA to the Cup

  1. Although u think your almost right, i do believe your forgetting who i think is the greatest footballer in the us. Maybe you agree maybe you dont but theres no question that Clint Dempsey is one of the best and the best in my opinion right infront of landon donovan. Dempsey’s finishing is great and his ball control is clearly better than donovans and he plays alot like a brazilian if you ever pay attention to him. Sorry i had to say this because it frustrates me the us always overlooks dempsey

  2. After watching the US-Italy game and replaying this, that’s EXACTLY what our USMNT continues to need. We need breakthrough runs that PENETRATE defenses, instead of continually passing AROUND defenses. That’s what sets Landon Donovan apart from many other players, including forwards! Its not necessarily his skill on the ball (which he is decent but not noteworthy), its his tactical foresight and penetrating runs.

  3. The problem with that is, we would have to have a winter break because playing December/January games in Toronto and New England would not be fun. It would be a pain in the ass trying to squeeze all of those game in that time.

  4. MLS should do a “schoolboy” schedule: Start in late August or early September and have the final on either mid April to early May to avoid an interference with FIFA world cup competitions. They should be broadcasted on mostly local channels like Fox or NBC that somewhat hypes the sport. And build up the fanbases for their clubs if they ever want their franchise to be promoted or relegated.

  5. From a fan in Wales, UK, huge congrats to the Galaxy. I only wish more games were broadcast over here, this season it’s been an average of one per week. Would also love for the MLS to adjust to the FIFA league timeframe.

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