FIFA 11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 4

MLS Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “FIFA 11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 4

  1. actually the reason why i dont really play online much cause i have a okay squad like gold players two or 3 informs nothing amazing but im actually not a very good player avrage can play the game smoothly and pull off 5 or 6 different skills but get put up against people that can demolish me with full team of informs and are actually a better play but because my team is decent i get put up against no one that is actually my level of skill on the game itself

  2. Hey just i quick question: When i buy multiple contracts i can just use one and i dont see the other ones
    where are the other contracts? ..

  3. Fellow 360 users I recently got hack on UT and need ur help to file a complain so we can get this scumbag ban his GT is MadALBERTO he got my email and password and took 300k worth of players please help me

  4. people that just run down the wing and cross just piss me off big time on this game because its not hard to do same as tramp goals why do people do it?

  5. Scammer wanted my email and password, i told him to give me 4 players, i basically got 4K for free and he wet his pants 🙂 Order the Ultimate Edition of Fifa 12 get 24 normal gold packs free, around £20s worth for an extra £13. Anyone think thats good?

  6. Who thefuckisthumb upping this cunt? This is someone hacking you. Go to his channel, where the message says “BLAH BLAH BLAH (Sent Username and password to [email]) BLAH BLAH BLAH” – He’s scamming you. Fucking tare him a new asshole, don’t thumb his comment up.!

  7. Why play with such a boring team when you can get an amazing one within 24 hours. Watch my video to find out how to do it and make a team a million times better than his. Yeah its fun to play and build up your team but its even funner to play with the best team on the game. Sub to me when it works!

  8. well bigger transactions do get taxed more so i dont get your complaint. u just want to randomly take cions from ppl who have alot? doesnt sound very fair to me lets take all bill gates’ money because he invented microsoft wtf

  9. the tax how it is right now does affect bigger transactions as more money is lost(like if u tax a 1 million dollar transaction compared to a 1,000 dollar transaction the milliob dollar one loses much more money) so idk what youre complaining about

  10. So do you think the british government should also have equal taxes for all? My whole argument wasn’t taxing the “rich” – per say, but having different tax levels for different sized transactions. And that’s a perfectly legitimate argument. It will mean there are less coins in the game, meaning the players prices don’t inflate beyond belief, and allowing the little man to pick up good players at a reasonable price. That’s what the tax does here. It’s not to piss off the rich kids


    no ppl with more coins shouldnt be taxed more bro i dont even have that many coins but how is that far it should be equal taxes for all.

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