FIFA11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 3

MLS Video clip Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “FIFA11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 3

  1. Fellow 360 users I recently got hack on UT and need ur help to file a complain so we can get this scumbag ban his GT is MadALBERTO he got my email and password and took 300k worth of players please help me

  2. I didn’t swear. But why feel the need? I got this far in like what, 10 games? Give me a chance to actually get a coin base and buy some decent players. No need to act the big shot on an MLS side, seriously.

  3. not every glitch is fake on Ultimate Team. Watch one of my videos for an example of how to make 999,950 coins every 24 hours. Kinda ridiculous how it hasnt been patched but this is how people make so much money on the game. Sub to me when it works.

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  5. it sure is. with the likes of cahill emerton mcdonald kewell and such its really good. you get get up to 3.5-4 stars so you dont get put up against total beasts and with a few 4 star and many 3 star skills players it is really fun for a cheap team 🙂

  6. @NepentheZ you should really try out an Australian team in your spare time. With IF Cahill and IF Emerton included its about 50k and i do better with it then with full serie a or full brazil. its weird but in 4231 it absolutely dominates 23-0 so far. you should try it out 😀 great video too your a true champ

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