FIFA11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 8

MLS Video clip Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “FIFA11 – Ultimate Team – Major League Soccer – Episode 8

  1. @NepentheZ i know your done with the MLS series mate but i think maybe the reason you got battered so badly is cause of your formation? the 3 defenders really arent the way to go, too hard to keep up on offense

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  3. make a Russian league road to glory. maybe?? some amazing players in that league like Danny 5 star skiller ;D perhaps Doumbia and Welliton or switch it up and make a hybrid team (y) 😀

  4. Maybe sell everything, and begin to build the full “brasilver” team again with the best players and the informs, you will have enough coins to Begin it with some decent players and build up to the full squad, this surely is win-win? We get to watch awesome 5 star skill goals and this is the way you enjoy playing and is best that!!! PLEASE READ. 🙂 much love nepen!

  5. now that you’ve the best players you’ll get bored of using them… at least i think that way… i’ve built several teams because i got bored and i didnt had those TOP players… like when i saw that the next player i needed to buy was 20K i started another team with less money… maybe sell’em and do another crazy team that noone as done.

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