24 thoughts on “GOAL: Boyd scores his 1st MLS goal

  1. I’ve nothing against Boyd (i.e. I’m not a Celtic fan) but he’s pretty much the epitome of why great goalscorers don’t necessarily make great players. He scored stacks of goals in Scotland, but his general play was abysmal and he lacked the basic attributes to be a success at a higher level.

    That was said by people at the time and it’s been proven true a hundred times over since he left Scotland.

  2. Celtic will destroy any MLS team!! Coming from a man utd fan!! The MLS is full of old players who just want to have a easy life and earn money!!

  3. 1888UPTHECELTS u are a retard we tanned ye 3-2 and ye Celtic might have won it this season but just remember who has won the league 54 times !

  4. Shut up you thick cunt. Firstly most Rangers fans worship Boyd, secondly Scottish football needs Rangers any true football never wants to see a team die.

  5. Ho ho ho what a shower of bitter Rangers clowns on here.
    Rangers managers refused to play or benched Boyd for too
    many games because he didn’t do enough work, Killie let him
    be lazy, thats all i meant. He would obviously score more at
    Rangers, few more chances einstein!
    Yes Rangers will be back. By not paying their debts and cheating,
    luckily they’ve been doing that for years and have a smashing wee
    nine in a row to show for it. No shame in Glasgow though, scumbags
    the lot of them.

  6. Right everyone kris is ma cousin a know y he is in Portland y he supposedly left rangers truth is he didn’t want to leave rangers he didn’t get offered a new deal so thats y

  7. Possibly out the game? We have had 3 bids and two of the bidders are billionaires , we will see who’s laughing next season when we pump you’s 5 nil. Oh Congrats on ripping the fenions apart xD

  8. @jokeyboy I agree mate, i’m a killie fan too and he was defo played right at us and it seems portland are doing the right things for him glad to see 🙂

  9. THIS IS NO MASSIVE STEP DOWN… he could have gone to LIVERPOOL or Portland HIS CHOICE… LIKE I SAID MOURN YOUR LOSS RANGER FAN… the guy finally has a club that will pay him actual money instead of cheating him out of what he deserves.

  10. I am well aware of the NASL and how it went broke… there was not promotion or relegation… just promotion and there werent enough viewers to keep up with all the teams. If you notice… the only league in America that has gone broke is soccer and that is because their wasn’t enough viewers and now it is picking up at remarkable speeds with teams like Seattle and Portland etc… MLS is on the incline while SPL is on the decline…

  11. At least learn the facts before posting. Before the MLS the whole league they had in the US went bust. Rangers went into administration because our new owner shafted us and never paid the bills. That is the facts. If you asked Boyd himself he knows this is a MASSIVE step down for him, if the US league is so much better why is your captain playing for Rangers? (the 2nd US captain to have done so) At the end of the day the SPL is shit but the MLS is even worse.

  12. there may be something real to his heat sensitivity. in fact, he turned down playing for Houston because of that very reason. if you think scotland gets hot, psssh…

  13. Its true though… Kris left the Rangers because he was smart and knew the Rangers would be paying him pennies cuz they were low on money…

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