24 thoughts on “GOAL: Cristiano Ronaldo goal vs. LA Galaxy

  1. at this point in time i´╗┐ can’t grasp the understanding of why people don’t compare him to the greatest and take messi,who is just as good and compare him to pele.to me he should be somewhere in the historic starting 11.

  2. frank lampard?he never won a champions league or fifa world player of the year.he has never been a top player´╗┐ like cristiano is.your list is good except lampard he is a decent midfielder but not he is not a world class midfielder these days like xavi,iniesta,kaka,ozil,gerrard,xabi alonso

  3. NO!! Take that back!!´╗┐ DO u realize what u just said!? Ronaldinho is a LEGEND! Never say shit like the one u just said! Not if u really love or know real soccer/football….

  4. One more thing to add Ronaldo (el fenomeno) in his prime was arguably the greatest striker to ever live; Zidane, the greatest center attacking midfielder to play, and ronaldinho, probably the most creative player on-the-ball to ever live. Thats some stiff competition. If he wins the treble with madrid and one more b’allon dor & continues to score u cant deny him a starting place in an all-time starting XI team (him on one wing, cruff or´╗┐ messi–if he actually does sumthin for ARG– on the other)

  5. C.Ronaldo is, was, and will always be better than Beckham, Lampard, and even Larsson (who was fantastic in his heyday, esp. w/ a ridiculous goals scoring rate, but CR7 is a far more preternaturally gifted player than Larsson), The only players u mentioned better than CR7 in their primes are Ronaldo (el fenomeno), Zidane (some say the GOAT), and MAYBE Ronaldinho. The thing about ronaldinho is as amazing (and he was AMAZING) is that his prime was´╗┐ relatively shortlived.

  6. americans in general suck at soccer cuz they dont have good coaches even though some players have talent and potential. i wonder if they´╗┐ had a player who played champions league this season.

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