24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Chivas USA vs Vancouver

  1. we do, but not as many. its a lot more difficult than it is in say England. In England every team is within hours or even just several minutes away from each other, while in the US we have to travel sometimes all the way across the country. For instance I am a Houston Dynamo fan. The shortest road trip for me would be 5 hours away in Dallas. The next closest is hours beyond that in Kansas City

  2. I agree chivas does need to relocate because 1. They’re in a city that is ruled by La Galaxy 2.They need their own stadium and fans 3. They need new kits not those Chivas Guadalajara rip off they have on. Although they do have good players like Dan (Goalkeeper), JPA, Ryan Smith, Nick LaBrocca, Heath Pearce, James Riley.

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