16 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Columbus Crew vs Houston Dynamo

  1. his defender passed it back to him so he couldn’t grab it w/ his hands. Its the defenders fault for passing it back w/ someone so close. He should have kicked it away.

  2. 3:54 Why the crap didn’t the goalie get the ball with his hands. What a horrible goalkeeper, trying to head butt the ball in the goalie area.

  3. Wasn’t the cleanest game played by the Dynamo. Way too many uncontested giveaways. Not sure what Hainault was thinking trying to head the ball over to Cameron that led to the first Crew goal. Just sloppy.

  4. The commentary and the play of this game is so odd hahahah. Wasn’t the 2nd goal offsides? Or did the other Crew player not touch the ball?
    6:18 is HILARIOUS oh my god hahahahahah

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