HIGHLIGHTS: David Beckham, Landon Donovan & LA Galaxy vs. Kris Boyd & Portland Timbers

MLS Video clip Ranking: four / five

25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: David Beckham, Landon Donovan & LA Galaxy vs. Kris Boyd & Portland Timbers

  1. I must agree the commentators sound like there watching tennis Mmm?
    I also agree even though I always love to watch David do his corner kicks that the ref should have seen the obstruction from the one player D this should have been called out as a foul.
    But that is the way it is with some refs, they act like dumb-wh-ores with those cards of there’s.

  2. “we americans look at things a more intellectual way” – Are you kidding me? Americans are renowned for their LACK of intelligence

  3. this is, not in a bad way, but definitiely in a bizarre way, one of the strangest-looking sportscasts i’ve ever seen. it looks a little like archive footage from Maradona’s years in Naples, for example. good quality but slightly dated-looking camera, some of the highlights have no scorebox, then that HEAVY shade at the bottom of the screen, and a silver soccer ball? I mean it’s intriguing for sure.

  4. Troy Perkins needs to work on his attitude. Almost anytime I watch him play he his upset multiple times. He deserved the yellow.

  5. Was at the game, really unimpressed with the Timbers. Moaning after every call, interfering with the ball before throw ins/free kicks that didn’t go their way, wrapping both arms around guys to mark them with a handful of their jersey for good measure… If Perkins had played until the whistle he may have made that save. Their loss though – “No Pity” right?

  6. If the Timber’s keeper had played out the play instead of complaining for a foul he would have stopped the goal. Also I bet nothing makes you more angry you just let a goal in then having confetti falling on you.

  7. I love how the Timbers’ #10 completely fakes being hurt. I mean, if you really get hurt in a game, you don’t move around on the ground. You stay where you fell and don’t move. I know he got crunched but nothing got broke, no sprain. Nothing-no injury. Quit faking and play the game the right way!!

  8. Mls really needs to work on finding good commentators for their teams. And they should tell the commentators to not be so frickin’ biased.

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