18 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Houston Dynamo vs. LA Galaxy | May 17, 2014

  1. Dude wtf is it gonna take for zardes to start? Like fr it’s not like he
    doesn’t create chances cuz he does man 

  2. At least we know opare should be starting CB. Really hope these guys turn
    it around because they cannot finish any opportunities at the moment.

  3. Suddenly Barcelona’s goalkeeper switched to the LA Galaxy, this is why you
    can’t risk going far from the goal, but AMAZING strike by Giles, FOREVER

  4. Also, why is it that the Dynamo fans always sit on the ends, instead of the
    seats that are actually seen on TV?

  5. Very Very poor finishing by LA, if you don’t take your chances it always
    comes back to bite you in the a**

  6. Can someone explain why the Galaxy always seem to play about two thirds the
    games the rest of the teams play in the first half of the season?

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