25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: LA Galaxy vs DC United

  1. Well this was a 4pm game and the LA marathon was going on about the same time as this game, and closing off 26 miles of LA streets is a nightmare, plus the Galaxy stadium is located on the other side of LA in Carson, and the Galaxy fans in the Valley won’t go to far unless its a big game the people in Hollywood couldnt get out of there houses because of the marathon same with the people in the beach areas, but still almost 19K still pretty good considering the shit that was going on.

  2. You should be able to fill us your stadium, that’s the problem. If a small market like KC can sell out every game, why can’t a massive market like LA fill their stadium.

  3. I expected way more fans… It took DC 87 mins to get a shot on goal. Just pathetic, they need to start playing better. But they have had two tough games.

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