HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs San Jose Earthquakes, April 14, 2012

MLS Online video Score: 4 / five

24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs San Jose Earthquakes, April 14, 2012

  1. This is stupid. Americans play fucking kick ball, Mexicans play with style, speed. Thats why more Mexicans (Rafa) have played in Europe. I dont think american players will ever play for big teams like barcelona, real madrid, and manchester. They are always going to stay on this boring league. No offense:)


    this story that the American people never liked soccer is a lie. to analysis:
    winter we have hockey, autumn basket, baysebal spring, summer football. dominated everything, as there was no other make money. solve capitalists invest in soccer and break the oligopoly. entrepreneurs began with small teams that was growing. rulers not worried, thought that soccer would never succeed in the United States. only they were mistaken, and today are frightened by the success of soccer.

  3. Im Mexican but born here in the U.S. and it pisses me off when players like Rafa Marquez do something dirty, makes Mexico and Mexicans look bad and my parents and him are from the same city in Mexico. SMH -___-

  4. why the fuck did a great player like terry henry change to an American team, there is no challenge for him, the only thing that makes him pissed is that he is playing with a shitty team. I feel sorry for him

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