23 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: POR vs PHI

  1. I agree! ESPN shows commercials advertising PBA tournaments and yet they rarely ever have MLS highlights. So we promote bowling over soccer, what the hell guys?!?!?!

  2. What bugs me is that there’s no more suspense. They say that’s it’s saved or a goal before the player even takes the shot.

  3. Ah, the ECS, established in 2005 and already such better fans than us. Is it the paradox? Kinda like Portland was a city before Seattle was, but somehow we’re the wannabes. I dunno…maybe other Seattle people know what you’re talking about.

  4. seriously! they have always been out-of-sync and it’s really annoying. mls has to fix this asap. individual clips are not out of sync, but when meshed together, they become screwed up. this has to be fixed, because while it’s not back-breaking, it really puts people off highlights, and as a fledging league, you need to have good highlights.

  5. this is very good news for portland, boyd, alhassan and jean-baptiste all scoring their 1st goals in MLS. their will be goals coming from all angles in portland

  6. Well, they had Faryd Mondragon in goal last year & he was the assumed starter for this season until he rather unexpectadley was released b/c he desired to return to his original club in Colombia to end his career. McMath got some starts last year because Faryd was injured & for the most part, looked quite good and showed a lot of potential. I think Philadelphia knew they weren’t going to find a suitable replacement in time and with Zac impressing last season, they rewarded him.

  7. that’s really young for a gk, ususally most goalkeepers are at a top form only when they reach the 30s, except a few prodigies. I don’t know much about the team but having such a young goalie starting often and without an older competition is bad both for the team and the kid..

  8. Yeah, he was actually pretty solid up till that point. Now mind you, that kid in goal is only 20 years old and that was only his 9th first team appearance.

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