HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs Real Salt Lake

MLS Video clip Score: four / five

24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs Real Salt Lake

  1. Even so – they could put some emotion into it.

    Like “aw! Shocking defending! What WAS he thinking of allowing Beckerman to shoot there? Atrocious! Simply ATROCIOUS!”

    Instead of “oh dear. A goal for Real Salt Lake. Now back to bed.”

  2. Oh…and turn on the captions; it’s extremely entertaining. When Alexander strikes at goal, it actually says “…and I don’t use drugs.” Brilliant.

  3. Rimando gave up some tough goals in this matchup…but I still think he’s one of the best n the league. Rimando is a boss. Horrible commentating by the way. Let’s get some neutral commentators. Look at the ones from Seattle! They do a great job of being trying to be unfavorited.

  4. Well, you can go listen at kall 700 sports. They popped a mic on Nagbe’s second goal as well as Steele’s, so there’s your bias.

  5. I live in PDX and am Timbers green through and through. But I agree, John Strong is needs to go. I love him as a Timbers reporter for the website and even AM750 radio, but his play by play takes the sport out of the game and turns it into us-against-them WAY too much. 

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