HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. Toronto FC | March 15, 2014

MLS Video clip Score: four / five

25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. Toronto FC | March 15, 2014

  1. The quality of play TFC showed… Let this be proof and a message to MLS
    that spending money and bringing those class players in will improve the
    leagues play tremendously! As well as investing and increasing scouting
    network for youth. League will surely be top 5 soon. Let’s not be ignorant
    and say only MLS is improving sure other leagues are improving a lot, but
    this is OUR league. As Americans, Canadians we should be happy our league
    is growing more and getting better! Even if you only like European soccer,
    support the league / clubs where you live Grow the game here.

  2. Julio Cesar??? The starting goal keeper of Brazil for this year’s World Cup
    is playing in the MLS??? Great catch Toronto… And he looks happier there
    than in QPR…

  3. sounders aren’t a good team to gauge a team’s future success, but
    bezbatchenko is looking pretty smart right about now.

  4. In the second goal the defender should have slide tackled he could of
    blocked the shot

  5. Btw MLS thank you for being one of the only leagues to actually post full
    match highlights online and so quickly.

  6. 40k views for an MLS match…I remember a year ago the highlight had like
    1K hmmm

  7. Yeaa! What a great match to watch, especially for TFC fans! Things will
    only go up from here!

    TFC is bringing people in Toronto back on the bandwagon.

  8. That game was all papas fault he stole chances from his own team and gave
    TFC all their goals if u watched the game sounders fans and TFC fans should
    know how he screwed his own team. I’m not biased because I’m a sounders fan
    but papa only has like 30% passing accuracy and we lost our captin in the
    30 min. 

  9. So happy for him. That’s coming from a manchester united fan 🙂 

  10. Jermaine Defoe !!
    Jermaine Defoe !!
    Eeeeeasyooo !!

    Gutted he left tottenham !! Gd luck to him in Toronto 

  11. I m very happy for Julio Cesar , playing for Toronto FC , he s a big star
    of brazilian soccer .

  12. I’m just saying Papa took to many shots in week 1 and week 2 and he did not
    make not make up for that horrific back pass or if u pay attention to the
    first goal he did not pressure and we gave Defoe 2 goals. I have seen what
    he can do but he needs to learn to play in front of the crowd. We have big
    bodies (Dempsey, marshal, traore) but we need better service on the flanks 

  13. I like how the commentators said Julio Cesar “Jewlio Cesar”, lol

  14. Since everyone says MLS goalkeepers are shit (probably because fifa says
    so) now they’re gonna say Julio Cesar is shit too

  15. For everyone talking about how “good” TFC is, except for 2 plays (that were
    more a result of bad play by Seattle than good play by TFC) Seattle pretty
    much dominated this match. TFC was not good at all and i expect them to be
    nothing more than middle of the table this season.

  16. Defoe was a top EPL player, it shows with his movement and finishing. He’s
    just on a different level to most players in the MLS. 

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