25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs Chivas USA

  1. exactly… with Ajax the whole club has an arrogant, almost “we’re better than you mentality and WE dictate the play” going into every match… low and behold we’re sitting at the top of the table now.

    TFC has the players, we can all see that, just not the right mentality…

  2. Know what’s sad? This team used to have every seat filled a couple of seasons ago. But not their constant losing is keeping even the most excited fans away, and that breaks my heart.

  3. It’s not just skill or talent that makes Ajax and Twente so successful in their results and style of play. It’s a mental or emotional quality that is lacking from these players. I once heard someone say about Manchester United that it’s not just what they have in their legs, it’s what they have in their heads that helps them win some of their games. And right now, that is what this team is lacking, mental toughness and a true desire to win. No pride in their work at all.

  4. He’s proven to be a great couch because of the result in the CCL. It’s personal mistakes. Losing a game or five doesn’t mean you should fire a good couch and re-build a team that is already built.

  5. Do not understand how the speaker does not scream: Goooooooooooooooooolllllll!! when it happens! This speaker is too cold to narrate this game!

  6. Firing Winter won’t solve anything, at least for now. TFC has been in “rebuilding process” for far too long. The team needs stability. The CCL run shows they are good enough.

  7. Unfortunatly they’ve play like dogs during the first 5 games of the season. They need a front office that can get draft better soccer players and some oversees. Winter is trying make Toronto FC to be like some of the Dutch soccer clubs like Ajax, FC Twentie. It’s not working.

  8. Winter is so far the best couch Toronto has ever had. It’s not him. It’s personal mistakes the defense makes. Toronto has the potential of becoming on of the best teams in MLS. We’ve seen them play their best in the CCL.

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