HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs New York Red Bulls, MLS June 30th 2012

MLS Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto FC vs New York Red Bulls, MLS June 30th 2012

  1. Les Sud américains ou Nord américains viennent en Europe pour commencer leur carrière de football et les européens vont en Amérique pour la finir.Ironique!!

  2. Love watching MLS..i wish all the best guys..wont b long til MLS on level with major european’s league..crowd is great too..im a bit suprised since football not all american favourite sport…young but very good league..

  3. The answer is that he is a total windbag.
    That was a fair challenge – indeed, an excellent challenge in the penalty area.

    I could say “Kudos to the referee for not giving it” – but that would be patronising and condescending, because NO HALFWAY-DECENT REFEREE would have given that as a penalty.

  4. A clean tackle is a clean tackle, doesn’t matter how hard he makes it!!!! Pls, these commentators has to stop commentating soccer, might as well go commentate the NBA

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  6. lol lindpere rolling on the ground holding his head. I guarentee if they refs let them keep playing he would’ve hopped back up without the dramatics

  7. I agree Marz, I don’t understand what the commentator saw in that challenge that would have made it a penalty. Was he confused by the collision with the goalie, where Lindpere hit his head?

  8. If that was a penalty you might as well make soccer a non-contact sport, it was a great tackle and the defender won the ball cleanly, of course there’s gonna be possibilities of injury in those sort of last-man tackles, but you can’t tackle soft in those situations otherwise you will concede a goal

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