Kei Kamara celebrates goal St. Paddy’s style

MLS Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Kei Kamara celebrates goal St. Paddy’s style

  1. and do you deny a history of white racism towards people of color? you still haven’t answered that. it’s still the basis of whether or not i think you’re an idiot, even though i think already have the answer. and my argument is not that it’s ok to be racist against a hegemony, it’s that it’s not racist at all. if there were true equality, whites imitating blacks would not be racist either. just think about that for a minute. stop calling it a hegemony too, you dummy.

  2. there is context in every situation, dummy. your lack of perspective is typical of white privilege, even though your moniker is japanese. do your research on white privilege. and you think i’m black? no, i am indeed not black. but i do speak from the perspective of a minority in america, a place you seem to know nothing about. you also have to look up the definition of slippery slope. slippery slope is a kind of logical FALLACY so stop using that expression to support your point. haha.

  3. There is no “context” in this situation, that idea itself is a double standard. Again, your arguement that racism against a hegemon is OK is totally flawed, as is your understanding of racism as solely a black-white issue. You are making excuses for racism, you are saying one kind of racism is not allowed, while another one is fine. A slippery slope based on your own perceptions of a subjective history. You are using a reductionist arguement that is child-like in its complexity.

  4. no the problem is this and probably where the thinking differs between us. you see actions but i see actions within a context. and seriously, this “subjective” history of white racism against darker people, if you can’t concede that was a reality then this back and forth between us is pointless and i will have realized that i’ve been wasting my time with a moron.

  5. You just don’t get it.
    Your ideas are pretty simple; since ‘white’ is the hegemon, there is no need to be conscious regarding questions of race while dealing with this hegemon. However, it is expected that this hegemon be more than conscious about the same while dealing with ‘minorities’ due to a history that YOU believe is reality (history is subjective BTW). What you are doing is dividing behaviour by ‘race’ and saying some groups have allowances that others don’t, a very slippery slope.

  6. what? simple? you’re the one saying “if i can’t do it to you then you can’t do it to me”. there’s nothing simpler than that. i’m the one saying the dynamic between races is much more involved. can you think of any insult that will hurt a white person? cracker? round-eye? pasta eater? no, because in a white dominated country white features, culture, history, achievements is assumed to be the ideal. everything else is inferior and is degraded.

  7. So since according to you white people (that itself can be construed as racism. Are all caucasians the same? They all just white folk?) “have it good” it is OK to have a double standard? Interesting logic. It’s only racist if a group of peope are not exalted is it. Wow, what a sad simplistic world view you have . You must be American.

  8. yes, i’m aware that the irish have been persecuted and still face prejudice, but not in this country. this is an american soccer game so i was speaking of america. here, the irish are exalted. whatever, that’s not the point. no one’s stopping white players from imitating other races or nationalities. if you can’t figure out why that’d be wrong then you know nothing of racism. do you feel sorry for white people?? haha. you shouldn’t. they have it good.

  9. No, you are using a subjective, deductionist arguement.
    “There’s no ongoing degradation of irish people”, ha-ha pretty ignorant comment.  Go to Belfast and try saying shit like that.
    This sort of thing, and your take on it, is all about double standards and nothing more.

  10. you don’t understand racism. it’s not that simple. read these posts and look to see if any white people are offended by this. they’re not. it’s because there’s no ongoing degradation of irish people, who are white. do this to a minority of color, who get spit on regularly, and they’ll go berserk. it’s the bully vs bullied analogy. when both grow up, the bullied are the angry ones.

  11. I’m well aware of the fact that Camara is a last name. But, it’s not Muslim, as there are a lot of Christian Camaras. I spent 12 years in Guinea, the country neighboring Sierra Leone, so I would know what Camara is. There being thousands called “Kamara” doesn’t take away the fact that, it’s a immigration mistake, as Camara is always spelled with a C, in West Africa. And most/almost all of my friends with Camara last names spelled with a K say so.

  12. From L.A. I love Sporting KC, Livestrong is a really beautiful stadium, the players (Sapong, Suzi, Kamara, Nielsen) are explosive and fun to watch, and the love the KC fans have for their team is awesome.

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