25 thoughts on “LA Galaxy 2011 Goals

  1. This is one of my favorite sports. It’s frustrating because it’s not up there with the big four: football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

  2. Correction… CWC. the Club World Cup ! FIFA replaced the continental cup with cwc so that every winner of their respective conference can come together and battle for the title of best club in the world! ….so possibly LAG vs Barca 😮

  3. Sweet sweetness! LA Galaxy 2011 MLS Supporters Shield winners. 2011 MLS Cup winners. We’ll see ur South American team at the WCC after we win our Champions League cup . mnr

  4. We are still catching up to the Mexican teams so it’s hard to say. I want to see how Galaxy do in CONCACAF Champions League first. But some Mexican teams have done good in Copa Libertadores so I think Galaxy can do well to at least get out of group in the Copa Libertadores. I think teams from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile would be the hardest for Galaxy to overcome. Most of the rest of MLS wouldn’t probably fair too well but Galaxy is on their own level.

  5. Does MLS have something against penalty kicks? I don’t remember seeing any of LA’s PKs in this, and I didn’t see any other teams’ either. Oh well, I’m still glad that they have a goal complication.

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