Major League Soccer Goal of the Week for Week 32

MLS Video clip Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Goal of the Week for Week 32

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  2. hmm english football fans are not ignorant???? I wonder what those racist chants are towards birmingham are, or the full on racist driven beatings from Northern frims? or english fans infamous stereotype of being affiliated with BNP.. your a fucking prick… get off these vids if you dont like.

  3. no i do have a clue becus i know english football fans. and none of them are ignorant like you. keep talking, the more you do the more you look like a prick.

  4. If you know it’s a stereotype why would you continue to use it? That’s ludicrous…is that 14 for your age? You simply have no logic behind your statements, merely some anti-american sentiments…jog on.

  5. No Tim Howard Moved to Everton Because He was getting more Mistake Prone. I.e Porto 2004. Then Even Roy Carrol Was replacing Him. When He Finnaly Got back in the Squad because Roy Carrol Was Bad He Still made Mistakes. So at the End Of the Season The Loaned him to Everton then Sold Him. So The Only reson He Got Sold Because He Played Poor. And If you Play Poor For a Big Club iin England…. There are no Second Chances.

  6. Oh No You got it all Wrong Im Not Judging All American Keepers on one Goalie. I’m Saying That The Mistake would be a Stereotypical Image of American Goalkeepers because Most (Not All) Arean’t exactly Top League Keepers. And Don’t Talk to Me about British Supporters and what they Do. Cos You won’t have a Fucking Clue. Nice one 😀 Twat

  7. you’re a fucking dumbass. go tell the Evorton fans that Howard is shit and they’ll stomp your face in. go tell Reading supporters that Hahnemann, they’re main kepper for seven years, that he’s crap and they’ll knock your ass into last week. you’re obviously predjudiced towards Americans and make the British look bad. good job jackass.

  8. Tim Howard decided to move to Everton because Man U brought in Van Der Sar and He didn’t want to be an understudy anymore…he was still a young keeper but he didn’t want to be Ben Foster. You talk out of your ass.

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