MLS Cup 2011: LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo : MLS CUP HIGHLIGHTS: LA vs HOU

MLS Video clip Score: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “MLS Cup 2011: LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo : MLS CUP HIGHLIGHTS: LA vs HOU

  1. Rugby isn’t that tough. People aren’t flying into each other at full speed? Have you ever seen an American football game? I doubt it.

  2. @ohorok2 Says the person who can’t even spell, if you’re going to comment on a video were the people speak “English” please learn how to do so 🙂 I can barely understand your gibberish bro. And I find it strangely hysterical that you spell the word “humour” humor since that’s the American spelling of the word! A DAM??? Where I didn’t know Czechs knew how to build such complicated contraptions due to their lack of motor skills! I wish I could take you seriously but I can’t even understand you!

  3. Who is immature? Jeeez NFL is not sport, it is just organization. I wrote “your “football” is *****-version of rugby”, I did not write that “it is not a sport” You do not like my comment because it is not so cooooooooooooool with your american point of view. It was sarcastic and ironic. So if you do not understend this kind of humor, it will be your problem. You are sooooo pathethic, damm

  4. Actually I’m not going to take your sarcastic remarks because American Football is a real sport, It’s called NFL. I’m not intrested in the sport or like it but seriously, bro you must be really immature, because I just double fucking dare you to go around posting shit like that on a Superbowl or NFL Playoff video. And the keeper has a name It’s Tally Hall, he isn’t retarded and he isn’t the best but he’s still pretty damn good. Not just anyone can be named to the MLS All Star Team :).

  5. Ok 1:13 thats what most keepers would be/what theyd do in that scenario a top flight header like that is considered near unsaveable he couldnt have made it i doubt any current keeper in the world could he moved for it but realized it wasnt on target thats why he didnt leap neither of those so called mistakes cost them a goal so stfu and learn football czech replic are shite at football always have been always will be terrible fans like you are why your country is so bad at the sport

  6. 6:06 he made a mistake but most keepers make a mistake like that even top flight keepers like de gea casillas, hart and federici the ball was traveling fast the player had a choice to make as did the keeper they made there choices and unfortunetly the keepers choice was wrong besides no keeper is perfect name any keeper in the history of sports that has played over 5 games and ill point out several mistakes also american football is statistically more dangerous than rugby… gg

  7. It’s called Major League Soccer, you fucktard. That’s what MLS stands for. Just fuck off and leave us alone. And you wouldn’t survive 5 minutes in an American football game. They need helmets and pads because they’re so much bigger and faster and hit so much harder. You don’t have players who are 300+ pounds in rugby. Dumb fuck.

  8. How come this motherfucker’s comment is the highest rated?
    Jeez! How many english piece of shit wankers come to see OUR videos?

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