25 thoughts on “MLS Processional Anthem Video

  1. This song gets me ready for the game everyone I hear it at Red Bull Arena

  2. Sounders were not a charter member of MLS. And still will not win an MLS
    Cup this season.

  3. Ah yes, but with the Gaffer returning as the permanent head coach, and
    Mastroeni re-signed, next year is ours.

  4. The FIFA anthem is a synthesized bore. The UEFA Champions League anthem is
    excellent. The MLS anthem sounds great as the players match out of the
    tunnel because of the full range of real instruments!

  5. I gotta admit, I’m a big fan of the MLS anthem. That said, it would be even
    cooler to have the song playing with some clips of last year’s hightlights
    up on youtube.

  6. This is gayiest New MLS Theme Song we want the old ESPN MLS Theme Song Back
    its way better than this theme

  7. The MLB on Fox pumps you up? I would rather watch snails crawl all day than
    watch baseball

  8. @puffnbrew2 hey…if u have a good internet connection then u can watch em
    live…i do d same…go to channelsurfing. net…as far as highlights are
    concerned..then u can watch em on MLS website!!

  9. Yeah, good clip. I have to say though, I’m disappointed with the new
    anthem. It’d be nice to get something with a little more kick to it.

  10. THE MLS ANTHEM IS AWESOME The one with the full choir is even better.

  11. The version of this with vocals is even more powerful! They should play it
    more often!

  12. San Jose, Los Angeles, Colorado, Kansas City, Dallas, Columbus, New
    England, NY/NJ, D.C., & Tampa Bay were the teams in ’94. Seattle Sounders
    were established in 2007 and played their first match in 2009. So no, their
    first season was not in 1994…

  13. Everything isn’t neccessarily better, just because its done in Europe. The
    Champions league tune is good, but comon it doesn’t compare or get you
    nearly as pumped as the NFL theme. I no longer like or watch baseball or
    basketball, but recognize good qualities from them we could use in the MLS.
    I’m saying why limit ourselves to an identical copy of Europe, when we can
    copy the good from both styles, cut out the bad, and end up with a better
    product then even Europe.

  14. The Sounders that played in the NASL are not the same team that plays in
    Seattle now. The current Seattle Sounders were established in 2007 as an
    MLS expansion team. Through a fan vote, the name “Sounders” was chosen and
    they became the 3rd different team from Seattle to use the moniker.

  15. @puffnbrew2 Go to the MLS website, subscribe to MLS Matchday live and watch
    lots of MLS games with superb picture quality. It’s only $40 for the season.

  16. I get chills when I hear this. Always lets me know how far this league has
    come and its when I see the 2 teams walking out ready for action. Love the

  17. I just wish I could watch a MLS game, I can’t even get them on tv here, not
    even a highlight reel. Louisville, KY

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