#MLS4RSL: MLS Shows Support for Real Salt Lake

MLS Video Score: four / five

23 thoughts on “#MLS4RSL: MLS Shows Support for Real Salt Lake

  1. Ha dont be jealous that RSL have made it farther then the Houston Dynamo have in a shorter period of time. To bad Houston doesnt have the depth that rsl do to make it far enough. BITCH!

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  3. Who put this together? The producers of Extreme Makeover Home edition??? If you look closely you can see an outstretched hand with a fist full of hundreds meet Henry’s hand. Cheese.

    RSL I don’t ever want you to win. Got that?
    -Concerned Dynamo fan

  4. Oh, fucking ignorant fuck bag. I’m so glad you brought race into this. You have it all backwards. People from Mexico, they serve me my fast food and clean my toilets. See you later, dumb fuck. Jajajajajajajaja

  5. I really do not get this bandwagon horseshit… Its a club tournament.. What RSL and MTY are respresenting the institution and club not the league.

  6. … OH, fucking ignorant Gringo…. you can not understad spanish…. well, I hope you understad this…. Mèxico is your FATHER, is the BOSS… don`t forget this GRINGA!
    !Viva Monterrey y Viva Mèxico!…. See you later LOSERS….. Ha,ha,ha,ha.

  7. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,….. Fucking stupid GRINGOS…. you better back to your boring sports like american football or Baseball…. Soccer is not for your Pseudoculture piece of shit!!!

  8. Ha! you guys lost…a shitty monterrey going thru a slump managed to beat RSL at home…that says a lot about MLS…DONT. UNDERESTIMATE. MEXICAN. TEAMS.

  9. Ja ja… ahora con más ganas los vamos a empinar. Rayados Campeón.
    Ha ha… now we’re gonna beat your sorry ass with more enthusiasm. Rayados FTW.

  10. Rayados, y blah blah blah y blah blah blah y blah blah blah y blah blah blah. That’s all I see. If you’re going to talk s***, do it in English dumba*****.

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