24 thoughts on “Nagbe’s World Class Brace

  1. Jesus christ we fucking get it, the MLS isn’t as good as Serie A/Bundesliga/the Premier League. I’m pretty sure most Americans realise this, the sport is still a fledgling over there.

    That said, the whole “franchise” business is a pretty fucking terrible model especially for football (or “soccer” to avoid confusion for you Yanks out there)

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I am a HUGE Seattle fan, but this guy could be top goal scorer if he continues to put touches like that on the ball. This was just NASTY. 2 goals all year last season and now already has 3. WATCH OUT.

  3. I’ve got two beefs with what you stated first point. 20 years isn’t enough time to create a successfull league. Most European leagues have 100 years in their belt, a lot of trial and error on their behalf.

    Secondly, What are American players? i don’t mean to offend but your Youth squad Usually comes from priveledged University students who really have nothing to prove. Unlike South and Central American kids who play in the streets, beaches, dirt fields hoping to get discovered.

  4. True Rome wasn’t built in a day but the MLS has been around for nearly 20 years. You would think by now the American players would have developed some control with the ball. Its hard to watch the lesser MLS teams because there players constantly dribble into defenders/ out of bounds. Also its about time MLS mandated grass fields in all stadiums

  5. Get out of your bubble man, The MLS is a very young league. Yes it’s true it is growing, and nothing makes me happier, but ROME wasn’t build in a day.

  6. U seriously consider the MLS equal to those played in europe?? Pure asinine ignorance! Why do you think South Americans Flood the European teams? because they have the best systems & leagues in the world!

    & as far for the sounders comment, Dude THEY represent the MLS league! that’s why they play in the CCL, whether you like it or not they represent the league, Mexico has 3 teams right now none of which i care for but they REPRESENT the league!!

    Lastly U are the only 1 harshly criticizing Ream

  7. First… Nice to see that Euro Trolls are just as bad as USA Trolls.

    2nd … I listed where the 4th place Italian team got beat by the 5th place EPL. The first place team almost blew it against Arsenal. This is with a very down year in EPL.

    EPL win % in Champions final 61% and that’s the highest. Of the 4 teams to win Europe without a loss… twice, two are EPL teams: Liverpool and MUFC. No Spanish or German club has done that.

  8. Write back when english teams win something in europe, else you have no valid arguements, and for the German league, they can beat the shit out of the english league anytime anywhere, yeah Real Madrid is a big spender, but thats just because they cant win anything at all, and for the action part, you couldnt be more wrong there, its the tv and the commentators that make it seem theres some much action in the league because there is most money there, btw Germany has out sold in every match.

  9. Germany? LULZ! Italy… Yeah, I think Napoli got kicked out by a third rate Chelsea team. Now for the two Manchester teams, they where shit in the Euro comps this season but United was in 3 of the last 4 championships and won once.

    And Money… Real Madrid? Your going to tell me they don’t spend. lulz.

    I watch the big three and start with EPL and end with Serie A. EPL, hands down, has the best action.

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