New York Red Bulls at Seattle Sounders FC – 3/19/09

MLS Video clip Ranking: four / five

25 thoughts on “New York Red Bulls at Seattle Sounders FC – 3/19/09

  1. I’ve been to Anfield and White Hart Lane when I visited England last year, and they don’t even compare to the passion that MLS has. I admit, Our fans are laughable compared to the ones in Netherlands, Germany and Turkey, But English are quiet and only sing when they are winning. Most fans of Seattle and Portland, for example, have been supporting the clubs since they were kids and the club means everything to them. The English only care about their team when they win.

  2. And yet they get more grade A pussy in one night than you’ll ever have in your life.

    Respond when you lose your virginity. Jailrap and getting piled on doesn’t count.

  3. Who the hell cares about the Superbowl? NFL is a boring sport. Have you seen the stadiums in the EPL? The attendance goes by how the team is doing. When the team is losing, Everyone leaves and pretends to be a Man United Fan. Look at Wigan, Blackburn, and QPR. Most are lucky to have half a stadium filled. When Seattle’s B-Team was losing 7-0 to Man United last summer, All of the Seattle fans were still chanting. English fans would have left in the 80th minute.

  4. They won the war thanks to a German scientist. Oh, and NFL = Nancy Faggots League. How come they always dogpile on each other for one ball? For a so-called “man’s sport” that sure is fuckin’ gay.

  5. At least they’re cheering for a team regardless of the number of titles they have won. Not like you Brits who stick with the more successful team because your precious Wayne Rooney or Carlos Tevez fuck up a pass and eliminates them from getting the Premier League Cup.

  6. You Suck Corralles and The Big Viper were in Seattle for this match, panhandling for the airfare back to Newark fucking SodaNazi sellouts.

  7. my god you people piss me the fuck off. is it possible that NFL people can stop trolling? and you bitches who respond to these trolls saying NFL is stupid, BACK THE FUCK OFF TOO. i dont like NFL, but it requires much strength and skill as soccer. STFU and talk about something related.

  8. This is what the United States needs to endorse its Soccer/ Football franchise. As we get endless shit from Europeans that Soccer/Football here is a rip-off, a team, a city like this slaps there accusation in the face. Fuck you Europeans, he MLS is growing, and you can do nothing about it.

  9. Actually, It was his favorite sport and personally went to the 1934 and 1938 World Cups. Now go back under your bridge, little troll! 🙂

  10. The football (soccer) is the Best and more Popular and Important sport around the world.. and that it hurts them ( NFL fans).. the boxing it`s for men.. the NFL is a joke..

  11. Soccer is a boring game for limp wristed euroqueers and latinos. No real man would play such a sorry ass game, it is for men with low testosterone ha ha. Boy those no goal games are really exciting ha ha

  12. Aww look, it’s a NFL troll, upset that his game – which no one gives a shit about – is losing touch in the one country that tolerates rugby in padding, as they wait for the ad breaks, given how boring it is to watch fat, educationally challenged scholarships, grunting at each other in crash helmets. Give me a shout when your superbowl gets even 10 percent the ratings of a regular season EPL game, dickhead 😀

    All the power to Seattle. Keep embracing the World’s game lads!

  13. Sorry soccer wimps maradonna said he was high on coke most games he is a little crackhead runt my 93 year old gramma could play world cup soccer! Al europeans are girlie men look at london riots pussy cops only had whistles and sticks third world scum looted and burned city haha

  14. Soccer and rugby players are slow weak runts compared to american nfl players of course they dont need goons pass the ball so they wont get hurt. Nfl players keep the ball and plow into each other. Beckam probably never even gets a blister.america saved europe during ww2 and that turned all europeans into girlie men haha soccer suck!

  15. are you kidding me? “american sports” are based on european sports deepshit. have you ever heard of Rugby? because american “football” ( handegg ) is a pussyfied version of it, a hibryd. have some fucking originality at least, if you are gonna waer 6 tones of pads to play a game. at least they have the balls to just go at it
    and you don’t know the first fucking thing about Maradona, so “shut your fingers”. oh and europeans made USA what it is today, just letting u know. nice match

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