Playoffs: LA Galaxy v Real Salt Lake – Robbie Keane Goal (3-1) (6/11/11)

MLS Video Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Playoffs: LA Galaxy v Real Salt Lake – Robbie Keane Goal (3-1) (6/11/11)

  1. how about Mexico finally wins a world Cup? Mexico lives and breathes soccer and yet they still cant win a world cup. United States doesnt care about soccer like other countries and yet their right up their with Mexico

  2. i was just referring to the level of the league. I watched some of the final and seriously, it was like an exhibition match in germany, england, france or spain. What you say about socialism is very interesting, but has nothing to do with what I said 😉 btw: what do you mean by saying europe keeps socialism for the markets?

  3. harsh statement! The mls has come on in leaps and bounds of late! True the money isn’t there but maybe the us sports system of drafts has a thing or two to teach us in Europe. Funny how America keeps socialism for sports and raw capitalism for the markets and in Europe vice versa!

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