President Obama Welcomes the Major League Soccer Champions

MLS Video clip Score: four / 5

25 thoughts on “President Obama Welcomes the Major League Soccer Champions

  1. real sports? ha soccer is a physical sport..running non stop no breaks no weak time outs no pads no thing… soccer is a dope ass sport…Cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi make more than most american players and r recognized worldwide…Play soccer first and then comment on it..

  2. wow ignorance must not actually be bliss.. so many haters out there… just because you dont fallow doesnt mean you should have such a dislike for it… keep an open mind and you will be limitless sheeple

  3. i dont know why people hate on soccer its a worlwide sport the most know n played game in the world just look @ all the football aka soccer leagues in the world

  4. It’s as fake as pro wrestling. Watching those overpaid tossers take a dive because somebody bumped into them is just sick making. America should stick to real sports like football and baseball or real sports for gigantic freaks like basketball.

  5. Soccer is really a girls sport and no real man would ever be caught dead playing it. It’s like synchronised mincing with added boredom.

  6. Major league, not major sport. Obama may as well entertain some local beer softball league champion if he’s gonna have the MLS champions at the WHite house.

  7. soccer’s really has no heroes, all bout the team. that’s where success builds. and no one ever says easy/underestimates their opponent, cause anything really can happen. and i can’t stand critics of soccer who immediately write off the sport as nonsense. there’s actually real beauty in the control, teamwork, footwork you won’t find in bball/baseball, etc. soccer needs to be part of our culture, it’s another way to communicate with the world&each other. (giants&steelers wont help you there)

  8. i wish obama would help try to make the world’s game grow much more in america. soccer(really football, i mean it’s your foot & ball!) is the game of life. soccer mirrors reality. it’s unfair at times, but with hard work the rewards& feelings are the best you’ll ever feel. There are ups/downs. accomplishments (goal scoring) is never easy, and to be successful you must be patient, consistent, and have hope. no breaks to allow sponsors to advert, you don’t get timeouts in life, it’s a journey.

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