24 thoughts on “Recap: Robbie Keane LA Galaxy Press Conference

  1. What yanks have you been talking to?
    And. At least the Americans enjoy their football unlike you idiots, who make politics, racism, banter, apart of your game.

  2. Undeniably still a very good forward. I don’t know much about donovan, being English but I hear he is also a talisman… Keane and beckham plus Donovan clearly create a lethal creative and goalscoring attack for this team. Great signing, can only improve La galaxy and MLS. Could be the emergence of a dominant force in club football in the Americas.

  3. The yanks that are saying they have the best team, robbie keane was world class in his day like beckham but there days are over if keane and beckham were still as good as you lot say they would still be playing in europe!! The mls is a mickey mouse league wiv shit quality football!
    If LA Galaxy were in the champions league they would be ripped to absolute shreds…… Could you imagine them at the camp nou against barcelona they would get done so badly theyd neva wana play football again!!

  4. I went to my first L.A. Galaxy game yesterday and me and my friends absolutely fell in love with Robbie Keane. We wanted to so badly get his autograph and a hug, but we didn’t have the wristbands to get in… 🙁

  5. it’s sad to see robbie leave europe, he still has a few years left in him to play at the top flight but with the salary he’s been given and guaranteed spots in the starting 11 you can’t blame him. He’ll be a star for you Galaxy fans, he’s a real grafter and natural finisher

  6. I’m surprised he went to LA Galaxy when he is still relatively young and good enough to play in the Premiership for a few more years. £3 million quid for a player of his class, absolute bargain, he’ll score goals for fun!

  7. The Galaxy are the new Miami HEAT of the MLS with this big three. It’ll be interesting to see if they can actually win it all with such a marquee lineup.

  8. Keane brings a hell of a lot to a team – he will give 100% and will get you goals – one of the best poachers in international football(51 goals in 108 games) not to mention the leadership he brings to the team. He’s captained Spurs, Ireland and Celtic but the best thing about the man is his honesty and humility and that will come out through his football.

  9. good luck robbie. you were great for us, and even though you boiled off a bit after you came back from liverpool you were still a brilliant forward for us.

    good luck robbie, will watch you in action!

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