21 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race New York Final 4

  1. Your telling me. You should see the shameful american announcers try to commentate. They piss me off every time. Instead of saying Hannes Arch (Pronounced ARC), they say Hannes ARCH (like ARCHer.) It Pisses me off EVERY TIME!

  2. I fly aerobatics in a friends bi-plane a couple times a month during the summer, the Gs really work the ignored back muscles. Now, doing what these guys do, flying ALL the time, does the Gs eventually take a major toll on their backs?

  3. Was in New York (Hospitality Race Club) in LSP Liberty State Park on race day Sunday. Awesome experience to the max! I’m coming back again when RBAR returns! This is something all aviation fans should come out to see at least once. You’ll love it!

    Warning: There was a HUGE supply of Red Bull flavors to drink for free. I never drank so many at one time in one day.

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