Red Bull New York v. Colorado Rapids (Condensed)

MLS Video Ranking: five / five

25 thoughts on “Red Bull New York v. Colorado Rapids (Condensed)

  1. I know but there is nothing MLS can do about it. FIFA mandates the federations ( ours is USSF) provide FIFA approved refs.

    I’m not disagreeing that quite a few are terrible. We don’t have a large pool to draw from, unfortunately.

  2. But, I still wouldn’t discount that the Sounders fans started it. That team has been around for a while, in one incarnation or the other.

  3. I’ve heard people saying that at US games before the sounders became MLS. I think even the Fire used to chant it, definitely before the Rapids fans starting using it.

    It’s basically copying central Americans and Mexicans yelling “puto” when the keeper punts the ball.

  4. Such a shame metrostars ran off a lot of fans. Because this team needs to be in front of sold out crowds.

    I say this being another teams fan.

    Also, thanks MLS for putting out the condensed games on youtube. More people will be able to see how high the quality has gotten over the last 6-7 years.

  5. Oh man, condensed game!! Heck yeah! I hope you keep uploading more of these type of highlights, of all the teams. What a great way to keep up with ALL the teams in the league!

  6. @MrAstatula its a weekday game, there were 18.000 in attendance still pretty good. i think more ppl came after like 830ish. Red Bull arena has 25,000 while ppl park is around 18,000 so there are you comparisons lol

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