Robbie Keane, welcome to Major League Soccer!

MLS Video Score: four / five

25 thoughts on “Robbie Keane, welcome to Major League Soccer!

  1. @AlphaMale593: You sir, shall have the cuntflap word. Carry across the to the U.S.A and we shall all score cuntflaps from Dublin to L.A.

  2. MLS should get more europeans to make the league more competitive until America+ Canada get more into it-
    it’s a beautiful game and I love How it’s growing over there!

  3. keeper was a dummy for this goal lol in the english prem league the keeper would have went to the ground and took the ball in his hands

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  5. It all means the same fucking thing. So what if yanks have a different way of saying shit. I wish people would get off their fucking high horses and realise that people do shit differently. Americans are commentating to other Americans, why the fook should we care what they say. They can call the scoring a goal “Scoring a cuntflap” for all I care. It doesn’t change the rules of the beautiful game.

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