24 thoughts on “Salinas takes boot from Marquez

  1. Folks, it’s not a racial or politically-correct issue. We’re seeing a dirty player deliberately injuring someone. In this case, Marquez is a disgrace to his teammates and the sport. He’s also embarrassing himself by taking a cheap shot like that kick. Kudos to Salinas for taking the high road and forgiving him. At the league level, however, perhaps a suspension lasting as long as Salinas’ recovery would send the right message to Marquez and others.

  2. Rafa hasn’t been the best of people since coming to MLS. He threw Ream under the bus, who surprisingly from what I heard is doing solid in England and lets not forget throwing the ball at Landon Donovan and them promptly flopped in an effort to try to get a Galaxy player a red card.

  3. What the heck is wrong with people saying “in England itd be fine”, “he didn’t do anything”. Not ONLY did he tackle him for no reason at all, he kicked him in the collarbone. He didn’t get hurt because he fell he got karate kicked in the neck! Marquez is a dirt ball not because he’s Mexican but because he’s a douche. He should be suspended the rest of the season, then maybe he’ll think twice.

  4. Jermaine Jones nasty play vs Borussia Dortmund this past Saturday USA fan’s look the other way when it’s their players destroying other players but when it’s damn Marquez they crucify him even though he puts asses in seats when he plays and away game…you have valid reasons not to like him but other’s on here are two face calling him and all Mexicans in general dirty players not really in this vid but in the other

  5. Lol “god” doesn’t exist idiot & this isn’t a school you jackass

    I wasn’t talking about the gayass, fan-lacking USMNT in the other comment I thought that guy was Central American hence that’s why I said “you are probably a -Central American- glory-hunting piece of shit hating on Mexican players because their national team owns your shitass team [as in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador] in every Category”

    Category as in:
    The Gold Cup
    Concacaf U-23 Olympic

    The only US reference was

  6. Rafa has been awful since he’s arrived to MLS.
    He’s done nothing to earn his contract.

    And I’m not hating on Mexicans, because I think Blanco was fantastic in Chicago (though the league was at a lower level then) and Pardo is a important player for Chicago now. Pardo has been class and I completely respect him for it. Rafa hasn’t displayed a single bit of class since he’s shown up.

  7. Learn to use punctuation for God’s sake. A period, a comma, something.

    And uh, you’re completely delusional if you think El Tri owns the USMNT in every category. Goalkeeper for starters; the U.S. has you there. Plus, we’ve seen both teams win, its not like one is dominating the other.

    The hate towards Marquez has nothing to do with him being Mexican. It has to do with him being a grossly overpaid hack that whines and displays total arrogance.

  8. I played soccer for years at various levels. I watch soccer, but way to many players here in MLS and in other countries act as if they broke their leg because someone touched them. Happens every game. It is not just here in America, but every country that plays the game.

  9. No I hate on Marquez because he’s done nothing in the league and yet whines and makes incredibly arrogant comments. He’s been dirty since he’s come to this league, makes a ton of money and yet hasn’t even remotely lived up to it.

    Even with the Mexican national team, Marquez has a history of acting like he’s better than everyone else.

  10. Its part of football its happens everyday in europe that kick didn’t cause this injury and you know it, he fell on his shoulder…why would you let yourself fall when you don’t have anyway of catching yourself? that salinas guy isn’t to bright if you ask me..

  11. Football is a contact sport if you americans can’t handle it than go back to watching american football there you can wear pads and helmets there you won’t have to worry about getting hurt, besides that Salinas guy caused his injury himself he was being hugged yet he lets himself fall looking for a foul causing Marquez to fall on him from the momentum….

  12. Rafa Marquez is a legend so speak for yourself kid just cause you hate him for whatever reason don’t mean everyone shares your opinion..the only reason Marquez was let go was cause the number 4 was reserved for Fabregas that was Barcelona’s plan Marquez couldn’ve went to Italia he had many offers from English and Italian leagues but he chose to go to MLS to make Concacaf more competitive and this is how you treat him??

  13. and Mexico buys the referees either way so yeah, concacaf so obvious the favoritism, even the rumors hit the last goldcup that they paid the teams to score the 20 min of 2nd half, coincidence that those goals came in the 2nd half too!
    your butthurt mexican since your name is hector herrera
    Viva espana Bitch

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