Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Highlights

MLS Video Score: four / 5

24 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Highlights

  1. mls started in 1996… and even then, USA had a completely non-existent culture in this sport until the 94 world cup began to spark it. And like you said, the EPL had a far stronger foundation to build from, mls essentially had to work from scratch and against a LOT of ignorant stereotypes of the sport from people in this country

  2. Jus to note, the epl has not been around for centuries, it started in 1992, 1yr before the mls. You are thinkin of the football league, which its top division (now the npower championship) was the top league over a century ago, untill 1992, when the epl was created. So the epl hasnt had years of building to make it the best league in the world, jus a good foundation. Im not sayin the mls hasnt made progress, cos it has, jus make sure u get the facts right

  3. thankyou! people dont realize the mls has only been around for less than 20 years. EPL has been around for more than a century. to say that we have come this far in this little time. means that in due time we will be able to compete with the top leagues in the world. especially when we start paying top dollar for the best quality players, and if we can be successful in getting the mls on national tv more.

  4. the mls was only founded in 1993, so that’s to be expected. give us a century to catch up to you guys. hopefully we keep growing rapidly in my lifetime so i can see it.

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