Thierry Henry GOAL off a free kick against DC United, MLS – April 22, 2012

MLS Video clip Score: five / 5

25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry GOAL off a free kick against DC United, MLS – April 22, 2012

  1. you show with your commentary that you dont know nothing about spain are very good teams, the two best in the world (Real madrid and barca) and the richest, the another 18 teams are very good, Spain has the best middle class clubs in europe and in the world (you only have to look the results in Champions league and Europa lague in the last 10 years, looking the spanish teams whitout R. Madrid or Barca) The last 5 teams in Spain SURERLY would win to the best mls team.

  2. HuntingPark7, any time between 71:00-71:59 is considered the 72nd minute. Think of the first minute of the game.  kickoff to 0:59 is the 1st minute of the game. Hope that helps.


  3. Henry has also stated he wants to help popularize soccer (football) in america. I dont’ think he has the “star” power that Beckham had….but as a soccer fan living in america, I appreciate anyone coming with that in mind. But its amazing where soccer is now vs. the late 90s.

  4. He wanted more competition, i’m amusing. La Liga is just 2 World Class teams tearing apart 18 low class teams. EPL is 5 good teams and 15 crap teams. In MLS, however, All of the teams are almost evenly matched and it is a lot harder to win the title.

  5. he would not sit on the bench with arsenal. and he good have stayed with barcalona for at least 2 more years and play weekly. i guess it’s all about the money

  6. He is past his prime, so instead of ending up fighting for playing time at Arsenal or any other major European club. He decided to play for NY’RB, he plays almost fulltime and gets paid good. Just like Anelka from Chelsea, he went to that Chinese club with same thing in mind.

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