Thierry Henry Hat Trick : New York Red Bulls vs Montreal Impact

MLS Video clip Ranking: four / 5

24 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Hat Trick : New York Red Bulls vs Montreal Impact

  1. Nope from England. There’s nothing in football called a rebound? What do you call it when it falls to a player after it hits the goalkeeper, crossbar or post then?

  2. Guess you must be american because in football there isnt anything called a rebound. Also how shit is MLS the defending for both goals was terrible.

  3. because he is old? and he wasnt as good as he was in his prime, its a tough business, most aging players go to Dubai,Russia or the US when they are old to have some relaxed years before they retire foever

  4. First, respect. Nobody insulted you so please watch your mouth. Said that, read the rules. When K. Cooper kicked the ball, Henry’s position was illegal and he took advantage of his position to participate in the game and score.

  5. It took Henry several games last year before he scored his first goal. Four games in now, and Henry has five goals and several more assists. Credit to Arsenal for putting him in form for their run. Arsenal has greatly helped Red Bulls by doing so. Also, it seems that Henry is meshing with Cooper really well. This is also good for Red Bulls as they chase Sporting KC.

  6. This is way to easy for him lol. He should finish his career with Arsenal. It’s an insult to call him just a great player. He was considered one of the best ever forwards. Gooner till I die.

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