Thierry Henry Scores vs. LA Galaxy from Rafa Marquez assist

MLS Video Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Scores vs. LA Galaxy from Rafa Marquez assist

  1. What is the song the fans are singing? Can one of you yankee doodles help me out? ‘Cos it’s a copy of a song Man United fans sing… “Coma coma coma coma coma United Road, United Road, United Rooooaaaadd.

  2. You are seriously saying the defence on this video isn’t horseshit? Defender doesn’t have his man (also assuming the manager would have noticed Henry as a danger and would have emphasised for a defender to keep Henry in his back pocket all game), Henry is between the two of them, had he been marked correctly it would have been a simple header to the leftback. Keeper went to ground far to early and Henry won’t score a much easier goal.

  3. Wtf are you talking about?Henry left Arsenal when he was 30 years old.. He still managed to score more goals in the spanish league(32 years old)coming off the bench than he did last year in the MLS(33 years old)as a starter.
    You can’t come up with conclusions about a league just by watching 30sec videos on youtube. Now the MLS isn’t one of the best leagues in the world, but it’s still high level football.
    Now please, tell me, what mistake did the defender do in this vid?lol.

  4. that was in his prime, where he was unfortunately benched. now he is in his 30s, and if you watch other vids of henry or other players scoring, a lot of the times its because mls defending is a joke


    Page Down twice. Buddle was a substitute. There is no argument here, it is a fact and that is proof.

  6. Give me names. I know 100% that everything I said was fact. I also know that Buddle was used as a substitution. He came on for Findley in the 77th minute and was completely ineffective.

  7. I didn’t put you down at all, actually. Something you probably should’ve checked before you started whining. I pointed out that the quality of Football in the USA is poor and that it wasn’t worth getting upset over. Maybe it’s a difference in culture, but over here we laugh at ourselves, or put ourselves down in a casual manner. If somebody points out how shit our American Football leagues are, we’d agree and shrug it off. Why are you so worked up over somebody poking fun?

  8. Obviously it’s not that great of a league. But is it necessary to put us down like that? You took a shot, so I defended. It’s a growing league, competing with the “big 4” in America (American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and the collegiate level of these sports as well.) and it takes time. We’ll get there, and maybe one day we’ll be as strong as the EPL , but for now…fuck off.

  9. Buddle wasn’t in the starting 11, he was on the subs bench. The subs bench consisted of 12 players, only 2 of those (Buddle and Bornstein) were playing in America at the time of the World Cup. That means, a squad of 23 players featured just 4 players in MLS. 4 out 23 and only 2 of those played the whole match, with a 3rd playing just 15 minutes as a sub and the 4th not playing at all.

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