24 thoughts on “Timbers Army Sings National Anthem

  1. Beats listening to English fans mumble their way through our National Anthem.

    Look at the kids with their hands across their chests. Makes me want to cry how one country can have such passion for themselves and we, well we English just suck at it.

    I want to be American.

  2. Hey Buddy, maybe your not the one on the waiting list but there is a line of over 7000 and there is no way I am going to spend 5x the amount for a ticket on Stub Hub or whatever. YES THE TIMBERS DO NEED MORE SEATS!!!

  3. The anthem is not difficult to sing if you have good voice, I’m not an American but I wouldn’t have a problem with it, I duno why even popular singers struggle with it sometimes, maybe it’s because they’re nervous performing it in front of thousands of people…

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