HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps | Aug. 3, 2013

MLS Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps | Aug. 3, 2013”

  1. DMBCFC says:

    Jimmy Conrad?

  2. Bill Woollam says:

    Vancouver goalie seems to jump to early in four games I have watched….as
    a result the shot goes right over his head into the goal.

  3. Todd Myren says:


  4. Benfilms1 says:

    Yeah I figured that was jimmy Conrad

  5. Blake de Moor says:


  6. fistofan936 says:

    This commentator is great. lol

  7. nik kon says:


  8. Will Rogers says:

    Nice going ref, screwing the Timbers

  9. Brian Park says:

    1:11 penalty! Suckish ref

  10. Adam Diop says:


  11. Jason Lopez says:

    I hate how he says timbers -_-

  12. Cam Dally says:


  13. chinanl02 says:

    Conradinho made this vid great

  14. patinamangina says:


  15. Captin Seaparkles says:

    Jimmy Conrad

  16. habsalltheway123 says:

    Conradinho !

  17. Dale Roots says:

    Good to hear Quagmire has found work with the MLS.

  18. GregoryJamesssssssss says:

    I had no idea Jimmy Conrad did commentating work. I hope to hear more from
    him on Timbers games!

  19. Jeff Dean says:

    John Kanoga: Did you even watch the match? Petrescu screwed PTFC the entire
    match. You’re an idiot in the highest sense of the word.

  20. Spektrum Muzik says:

    diving all over the place there, timbers

  21. RankAndFileGuy says:


  22. iamnotapie8 says:

    J I M M Y C O N R A D !

  23. SoccerMidd10 says:


  24. caanrdlroesa says:


  25. TheFifanacho says:

    Jimmy Conrad.