25 thoughts on “Best of Major League Soccer in 2011… So Far

  1. First of all…Messi will NEVER leave Barcelona…EVER!!!Second of all: Jupp.The only reason why players like Henry,Keane or Beckham decided to transfer to the MLS is because of the money.No decent or talented soccer player would go to the MLS for any other reason,because this soccer-league is not good enough.And buying good players from Europe won’t change that.Sorry,it’s the truth.You can’t be good at everything.You have your American sports.Stick to them!;)

  2. I live in Marseille, France and here, fans are really good but in MLS, I just love !!! That’s different and you’re right, it’s unpredictable and that’s why I love MLS. That’s really spectacular…. MLS 4ever ! 🙂

  3. What I’m saying is that Ronaldo, and Messi, and the others would be playing for New York and LA not Barcelona and Real Madrid. They would buy all these players with the money.

  4. And when you’ll have that dreamteam Real Madrid or Barcelona will beat them 10-0 in the first half and your 192873918273918273billion revenue will fall=)) You think the USA has “better everything” ? Then u must be dumb…

  5. Fully agree with you it’s like the champion ship (the english league below the premier league) it isn’t as good as the premier league in terms of players but it’s still a load of fun to watch and follow the teams

  6. @Epimpin101: You can’t compare Football with soccer.NFL is an American sports and therefore very popular in North America.Look how many viewers the NFL has in America alone and then count in the ones around the world.OF COURSE the revenue is much higher,because the EPL doesn’t have that many viewers in the US or Canada.Those viewers are missing here.And the MSL would be number 1 league in the world?Uhm…yeah,maybe money-wise but that would be it.^^

  7. Only question… why the shit music? I know the league maybe can’t get some epic music due to copyright etc. why a shit like this Christian pop?? I know you’re all like ultra religious there in North America, I’m supposed to be Catholic too but ya know, soccer in America can be anything it wants to be… You can put almost any music in the background, actually some cool music too and it will be the shit. And I’m not saying this is bad music but it annoys the hell out of me and many people

  8. If we actually cared about soccer, we’d have the number 1 league in the world. No other country could dream of competing against the television revenue we would get. For instance the NFL has 9billion revenue per year while the EPL has 3billion and is the number 1 most revenue of any soccer league.

  9. A number of people love soccer here in the USA. It’s been here way longer than football. I find it funny that you’re making fun of the sport then call yourself a cosmos fan.

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