25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC vs Seattle Sounders: 2012 World Football Challenge – KICKTV Classics”

  1. The last game I watched the commentator said “you can’t teach this” then in
    this one he said it again! LOL

  2. @Paroloification you probably never heard of any MLS teams then. Sounders
    are one of the top team in MLS

  3. Yeah.. The best players that the USA produce are usually goalkeepers and
    wide midfielders.

  4. the rb wasn’t doing his job in this game. all the goals from chelsea were
    from the right side

  5. actually chelsea were just to god for’em. marin, hazard, and lukaku went
    beast mode around those defendse

  6. Ok, first I’m a huge Chelsea fan but the Sounder’s keeper looked awful in
    that game.

  7. Ok, MLS has 19 team.(new 20th is bought by MANCHESTER city owner ) 10 team
    for eastern conference and 9 at Western conference. Top 4 teams will
    compete for the conference title and after that they’ll be in the FINAL.
    Final team can never be from same Conference. After that they’ll get the
    cup and ring. Although for champion league,MLS cup doesn’t count.It’s same
    as in Europe.Top 3 Team from point table will go to CONCAF Champion league

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