Henry’s Brace Puts Him Top of Scoring Charts

MLS Video Ranking: 5 / five

25 thoughts on “Henry’s Brace Puts Him Top of Scoring Charts

  1. pause at 0:09 no one comes to henry there not even defending lol but if i had a pound for everytime ive seen a classical henry goal like that i would be a´╗┐ rich man

  2. Unfortunately thats not how things are in America. We might not have any football culture but ‘many’ love the game. And thats all that matters. One day you will realize that. Henry and Beckham came here because they couldn’t live peacefully in Europe on top clubs followed by pauperize the second they left there homes. In America with football and basketball they aren’t nearly given as much attention and they truly appreciate´╗┐ they can live peacefully now

  3. ……ok when you play shitty teams in any league´╗┐ hhaha when you score you just walk off and reset the game this team sucks ass, thats why he looks bored hahaha

  4. We need them in the MLS except for Zidane because he’s retired, but I would like to see Michael Essien, Asamoah Gyan, Carlos Tervez, Fernando Torres and´╗┐ Gio Dos Santos.

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