LA Galaxy vs New York Red Bulls 2nd Leg, Conference Semi-finals

MLS Video Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “LA Galaxy vs New York Red Bulls 2nd Leg, Conference Semi-finals

  1. @secnpa: I agree.It’s the same in Europe.We do watch different kinds of sports,but not as passionately as soccer.And you’re right when you say that if soccer´╗┐ had been a premier sport in the US and that for years, that things would be different now.But to put money and afford into doesn’t automatically guarantee you success.There are people who think differently and say the success would come naturally since the US are good at many types of sports.Arrogant thinking.Sry for my English btw.^^

  2. Well I can’t speak´╗┐ for other Americans. What I do know is that millions of young Americans follow other sports because of their national popularity. Unlike in Germany and England where soccer is by far the most popular sport, here in the states it’s far from being followed as passionately as the other major sports like NFL, NBA, and MLB. Had soccer been the US’s premier sport for the last 100 years like in most European countries then things would be very different today.

  3. @secnpa: Yeah.Maybe.Why not?:) Everything can happen.What I don’t like though is when some Americans say: “Well,we would have one of the best leagues world-wide if we cared for soccer more.” I know that Americans are very good at sports,but that doesn’t mean that they’d naturally excell in soccer as well.And´╗┐ that you don’t care about soccer in the U.S isn’t right either.Just ask yourself why former world-class players go to the MSL.Yeah it’s the money they get there!

  4. Ok I figured you meant the top´╗┐ leagues.. I was just making it clear for argument’s sake. The people that say MLS is as good as the BPL or Bundesliga are clearly delusional. Having said that, MLS has been making great strides for such a young league and one day in the future will rival some of the world’s top leagues =)

  5. @secnpa: Hi!No of course not.I think I kinda expressed myself wrong when I said that the MSL can’t be compared with ANY European League.I was referring to´╗┐ the top 3 leagues in Europe.You can read it all the time.People tend to compare the MSL with the BPL alot and I don’t think that’s right.Those two just simply can’t be compared.I didn’t mean it like that!:)

  6. Is that why the entire upper deck in the beginning of this video was completely empty? How can you say every game was sold out when the´╗┐ stadium capacity is 27k and the avg attendance figures for LA in 2011 was 23k?

  7. you do realize there are plenty of other European leagues besides England, Spain, and Germany. Are you saying that´╗┐ MLS isn’t as good as the Irish league or Finish league? There are plenty of other countries in europe with leagues.. You should know this “Germangirl”

  8. @CardbordBoxHD: You can’t compare the MLS to ANY European League.The English,Spanish and German leagues´╗┐ are the best in the world.The MLS can be compared with 2nd or 3rd league…if anything.

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