Thierry Henry scores hat trick in MLS action for New York

MLS Video clip Ranking: four / five

24 thoughts on “Thierry Henry scores hat trick in MLS action for New York

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    Maybe try reading the comment again. I don’t think you understood it. I said that Dempsey left the MLS to go to Europe like almost every single other homegrown decent player in that league…

  2. Exactly. They managed a draw with Arsenal in our own home and even though we were very weak back then it was still impressive. LA last year could easily have played in the championship too.

  3. wtf are you talking about howard dempsey and ream are in europe and btw u cant change nationalities for football if thats what ur asking

  4. It’s sad to watch. I love the MLS, but only about 5% of sports fans in America actually care about it…At 2:40 it looked as if he was saying “all right, wipe off the sweat, time to show off for the fans…sigh…”

  5. I feel a little bit painful when watching him wasting his time while he still have the skill. Arsenal should’ve bought him straight away :(

  6. Growing because you’re buying a load of oldies who just see it as a great opportunity to relax when they play and still get paid tons for it. Let’s see you try and keep hold of your young talent. The only one who stayed was Donovan… Dempsey, Ream, Howard, Altidore, John De Guzman, Edu, Bocanegra, Spector, Goodson, Cherundolo, Bradley. Everyone has left to go to Europe and that’s the way it’s gonna always be, because players want Champions League/Europa League and you can’t give them that.

  7. This is like a playground for Henry. Its like as if he’s like “ahh, just another day in the job, lets get it over with”. He went absolutely crazy when he scored in the prem with arsenal a month or so ago.

  8. that would have to be the most compliments i’ve ever heard given to a standard header, must be an incredible confidence boost to listen to an American commentator talking about your play, no wonder Beckham went there, and of course the money is ok

  9. this commentary is not doing American Soccer any favours, commemorators should have the ability to make incisive comments they should be sitting next to an ex-pro this is not good simply put fans deserve better

  10. of football also i have noticed that teams like LA Galaxy are over working Keane and Beckham and NY Red Bulls are seriously over working Henry because they lack the skill do to it themselfs. 1 quick extra thing you say “your all jealous that every player in the mls made it professionally” so the players in the Premier League arent professional or in Spain theyre not professional?

  11. (Sorry would*) because Americans want all the good stuff but dont want to do the work. 3)where did you get that fact. Also i notice theres a strange rule called the ‘beckham rule’ or something and 2 out of the 3 players who haveLA Galaxy have this rule (which lets a team go over its salary cap) are Beckham and Keane (i dont know about other teams) which neither are from america. I attempt to watch MLS because of Henry, Beckham and Keane which is where the MLS gets its publicity not quality

  12. “growing faster this league than any other”, a few problems with that 1)the Premier League or Division 1 as it was called was the first league in 1888 when football (notice word football) was still not very popular (it was just starting to) so without any known players or amature teams it was never realistically going to grow that fast. 2)the MLS is stealing its best players from other leagues so of course it will grow quick, if the MLS didnt have Beckham, Henry, Keane etc it wood be nothing

  13. It pisses me off seeing talent wasted like that ,you can see he hates playing in the mls. on his return to arsenal he scored against leeds and his reaction says it all to be honest

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