15 thoughts on “AT&T Goal of the Week Nominees: Week 5

  1. Agreed. As a die-hard Earthquakes fan, I have to admit that the Quakes’ commentators are WAY too Quakes-biased. It actually gets annoying when you’re trying to watch highlights…

  2. Sorry for advertising on the video, but I guess you like football cos your watchin this vid. My channel has all the scores and tables from the biggest European leagues with highlights in the form of subbuteo! Feel free to check out my channel, it’s free so what’s the worst that can happen!

  3. lol i love how in the whitecaps and quakes game the commentators go crazy when the quakes score, but they barely do anything when the whitecaps score

  4. Love Henry’s finish, but the defending was poor and goal didn’t have too much meaning, so giving it to Gordon. Great diving header to but SJ ahead against an improved Vancouver side.

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